Stay protected
with EMF Frequency Shield



Mobile phones, computers, and tablet devices desktop are necessities in the connected world we live in today. Unfortunately, these devices also emit electrical frequencies which put us at a higher risk of developing health problems. EMF Shield protects you from these harmful frequencies by neutralizing these frequencies before they reach you.

  • Protects against exposure from electromagnetic waves

  • Reduces illness risk caused by electromagnetic waves

  • Cleans your environment
  • EMF Shield is charged with signals from all-natural ingredients that strengthen the body against radiation and filter the signal for reduced biological disruption.

  • Designed for everyone

  • Neutralizes harmful frequencies emitted from electronic devices.

  • Stay protected against electromagnetic radiation
Chlorella Acts as an antioxidant and decreases cholesterol
Humic/Fulvic Acid May lower risks of brain disorders, respiratory conditions and fatigue
Iodine Develops central nervous system and protects against radiation
Paprika Alleviates joint pain or tenderness
Potassium Clears airways and breaks up mucus
Zeolite Protects and removes radiation